Abstract Art

Exhibition Dates: 13th – 27th MAY 2016

The 504 Gallery Room is excited to present Abstract Art: a group exhibition emphasizing the artworks of both national and international artists.The show explores the various elements, forms, colours and lines typical of this movement – and which are the graphic parents of the work.

Each piece showcases different, technically empowered, forms of expression; from the colourfield to the action painting, offering vital, alternative ways of describing visual experiences and feelings, spawned by this complex period of contemporary art – and inviting us to interpret, freely.

Music played a key role in this particular movement: as an art form which used abstract elements of sound, arranged through divisions of time. Thus music artists could evoke images in listeners’ minds with sound alone.

Wasilly Kandinsky was a particularly notable artist to explore sound through his painting – considering, as he did, music to be the most transcendent form of non-objective art.

All our senses respond to various stimuli but the senses are connected at a deeper aesthetic level.

Charles Baudelaire

This show will float us down to it.

ARTISTS: Aivars Kisnics, Aneta Barglik, Brittany Redman, Daniela Lamont, Fedele Barletta, Kalisaur, Kathlyn Pagador, Kayava, Miriam Achour, Augustine.